Innovation: Africa’s gateway to electricity access

Energy is a key prerequisite for improving economic activity and quality of life’, this phenomenon was among the many highlighted points at the power and energy conference in Rome, Italy. This year the annual Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean (RES4Med) conference hosted in partnership with Enel Green Power, was dedicated to Africa under the … Continue reading Innovation: Africa’s gateway to electricity access

Wankel engine

Wankel engine is an Internal combustion engine unlike the piston cylinder arrangement. This engine uses the eccentric rotor design which directly converts the pressure energy of gases into rotatory motion. While in the piston-cylinder arrangement, the linear motion of the piston is used to convert into rotatory motion of crankshaft. Basically, in a simple way, … Continue reading Wankel engine

Gorges Dam (2016)

The world’s largest dam, as well as largest hydroelectric power plant, stands tall at185 m. Its name comes from the fact that it floods three rivers, the Qutang, Wu Xia, and Xiling. The hydroelectric plant is built inside the walls of the structure, producing a total of 4.7 billion kWh each year. During construction, builders used 27.2 million cubic metres … Continue reading Gorges Dam (2016)